Thursday, September 15, 2011

SuperPass Backyard Interviews - Dominic Briones

"Spicy Pants" greets Dominic by saying the ladies all want to see Dominic, and that he is gorgeous in person.

1.  Dominic is very poised on camera and chews a piece of white gum between questions.

2.  When asked about a possible showmance with Cassi or Daniele, Dominic does some talking but finally says Cassi is like a sister.  I don't think he mentioned Daniele.

3.  It was horrible watching the show from home.  He was very frustrated and yelled at the TV.

4.  Is Dom shocked that Rachel won?  "Hell, yes", he was shocked.  She was a huge target when he left the house and with the power shifting so quickly he is surprised that she made it to the end.  He is happy with the outcome and feels Rachel deserved it.

5.  If he could do something over, he would have tried to play with Jeff, rather than Brendon and Rachel.  He didn't like the way they made promises to him and then decided at the last minute to not backdoor Jeff.

6.  He gets recognized a lot and is getting more modeling jobs. It's good and it's bad to be recognized.  He's trying to take some time off and the offers are rolling in.  Lots of opportunities for him, apparently.

7.  Who was the biggest floater?  Adam, without question. Dom doesn't think he was a bad guy, he laid low and did a good job getting to the end.  Dom basically lists all the newbies as floaters.

8.  They laugh about Adam continuing to insist that he would have won if Rachel took him to Final Two.  He doesn't know about that, but he would have voted for Rachel because she earned it, even though she "did him dirty".

9. He would have loved to do the competiton with the bubbles and running back and forth.  Even though "Big Jeff killed it" Dom jokes that on their own time he might challenge Jeff to go against him on that.

10.  Dom is single and is "ready to mingle" and "if there's a good girl out there, let's talk".

11.  In five years he would like to be done with college, with a good girl, "not fat" and happy with life.

12.  Dominic does plan to go to the wrap party and asks Spicy if "they're gonna dance"?  She says hell yeah and Dom says "it's a date" before wrapping up to move on to the next interview.

Dom really is a doll.  Why didn't Spicy ask him about Daniele and push the issue?  You know Missy would have.


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