Thursday, September 15, 2011

SuperPass Backyard Interviews - Cassi Colvin

Cassi makes her way over to chat with "Spicy Pants".  Actually, she was standing in the background of Kalia's interview for a few seconds, waiting for that one to wrap up.

1.  Right off the bat, Spicy is fawing over how beautiful Cassi is, and how good she looks tonight.  It takes Spicy a few minutes to organize herself---she has to lean over and find Cassi's question.  Spicy loves the dress.  (Yes, Cassi is wearing clothes, although you can't see them in that picture.)

2.  We get a mini-scoop from Cassi when she says she had a great black dress all picked out and ready to go---but then the "got the email two days ago that they weren't allowed to wear black" so she had to figure something out quickly.

3.   Spicy gets nosy about Cassi's eyelashes.  Cassi admits that she has on "corner pieces" and touches them for Spicy, who says she wears those sometimes, too.  (Cassi:  You're makin' me tell all my secrets!)

4.  Cassi is happy that most of the fan feedback has been positive.  She was worried about that when she first left the game.  There have been a "few Negative Nancy's out there" but most people have been very kind and she appreciates that.

5.   She knew that she might be targeted for being beautiful, but it is out of her control.  She just wanted to be herself so she "kicked around in her sweats" and "hung with the boys".

6.  Spicy loves her accent.  Cassi says not everyone does!  And they have said on Twitter 'she is so pretty but I hate her voice!"

7.  It was tough coming out of the house and it took her awhile to decompress.  She didn't talk to friends for a few days, but she kept in touch with Dominic.  It was very intense experience, even for the short period of time that she and Keith were in there.

8.  She was shocked to learn about Shelly.  Shelly was the last person in the house that she would have doubted or would throw her to the wolves so soon.  She says that she realizes everybody came in the house to win the game and get as far as possible, so she's not mad at her.  Knowing what she knows now, she would have liked to have a different partner going into the game.

9.  Spicy wants to know if Cassi believes that Dom is a virgin.  Cassi believes it.  Dom is such a sweet guy and is a jokester sometimes but he is actually very sincere.

10.  Cassi is back to work as a model now and life is pretty much the same.  She is new to Twitter but is glad so many complete strangers are nice to her.  There were a few fake Cassi Twitter accounts so that is why she started her own.

11.  Jordan walks through the picture again, and then does an interview right behind Cassi as you can see in these pictures.

10. She wishes they had shown more of her game moves instead of just "layin' around in her bikini".

11.  She is shooting the Bold & the Beautiful this week.  It's just a small part but "they offered it to her so hey!".  She's never done anything like this so it is out of her comfort zone so that's exciting.

12.  She would have voted for Porsche after watching the show, although she would have voted for Rachel if you asked her that at the beginning of the game.  She thinks Porsche "would have been a gracious winner", so I guess she is throwing a stone there.  She thought both Porsche and Rachel were lying when they said they would take each other to the end and would really take Adam.  She says Adam is a great guy but let's face it, not many of the people on the Jury had respect for the way he played the game.

13.  She mentions Rachel's nasty goodbye messages and is surprised that Rachel didn't think about the ramifications of leaving messages like that for Jury members.

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