Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remembering September 11th in the Big Brother House

When the tragedy of September 11th happened, Big Brother Season Two was in it's final days.  They were down to the Final Three, just as they will be tomorrow on the 10th anniversary.

After it happened, all of the Big Brother fans were wondering if Production would tell the houseguests anything about it.  I remember watching the Evil Dr. Will in the backyard, looking at the sky and wondering why there had been no airplane traffic for days.  (US airline traffic screeched to a halt for about a week, if you don't remember.)

How ironic is it that one of the Final Three had a family member who went to work that morning at the World Trade Center, and was never seen again. (Statistically, that has to be a longshot.)

As you can see in this video of BB2 show excerpts, Production first brought Monica into the DR alone to tell her about it, then brought in Will and Nicole to discuss it with them as well.  They didn't tell them all of the details (Will thought the pilot ditched the plane in Pennsylvania.), but they told them enough to let them know our country was in chaos.  

On a side note, you will see how different Julie Chen looked back then (pre-Chenbot days), and how truly ugly the back yard was.  Production didn't start using a soundstage until BB6, and I guess they didn't have much of a budget for set decoration.  

I hope Monica is doing well and that her family knows how much we all care about them.

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