Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random Clips of Jeff from You Tube

There is a reason why I don't spend time trolling around on You Tube very often.  I go there looking for one specific thing, and end up spending hours looking at random footage.

Let's watch a few random clips of Jeff Schroder from Memory Lane, shall we?  (And Jordan too, of course.)

This one is really interesting--I had forgotten all about it until now.  It is a portion of Jeff's pre-season interview before BB11, with BB8's Jen Johnson as the interviewer.  Jen really grills Jeff about the possibility of a showmance---part of Jeff''s response is that he always wanted to have a really good story about how he met his wife....he looks so young in this video.  I guess smoking three cartons of Shelly's cigarettes will age a guy...

This next one is super-random.  Fans of the feeds know that Jeff hangs out at a local Italian restaurant in Chicago owned by one of his friends.  This clip is like an infomercial for the restaurant starring a talkative Jeff and a visibly-uncomfortable Jordan.  It was filmed in early 2010 and is probably featured on the restaurant's website.  Why don't they show us the food?   I guess plenty of people will eat there because Jeff told them to, but it would be nice to see what they serve there...

And this is an interview conducted by a local Chicago reporter just before the premiere of Amazing Race 16, which featured Jeff and Jordan.  He is very comfortable on camera and really sells it by telling us that we will see a different side of Jeff and Jordan on TAR.  The reporter is surprised that the two of them are still a couple.  Maybe she slipped him her digits....

And this interview was taped just after BB11 ended, at the Reality Awards.  Jordan discusses spending her BB11 winnings and admits that she and Jeff "are together".  They joke about whether they are lovebirds or not.  They both look great here---good hair and makeup on Jordan.

And here is a clip from BB12, when Jeff and Jordan visited to host the Lover's Lane POV.  Jordan later said they were both scared before they rang the doorbell to re-enter the house.  It is funny to see Matt Hoffman gushing over them---I don't think he is actually a fan....

And finally, this is an interview conducted backstage after Jeff and Jordan filmed The Bold and the Beautiful--they are wearing the 80's costumes they wore on the show.  The interviewer is apparently one of the actresses from the show.  Jordan discusses how she felt during the BB11 finale, and mentions that someone told her "all of their fans are old ladies".

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