Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rachel: Who Wants to Pop Some Champagne?

For some reason Big Brother is providing Mimosas to the houseguests this morning.  Apparently it is a Final Five celebration.

Adam gave Rachel a heads up about this a few minutes ago.  Adam and Rachel are the only ones who seem interested, even though Adam and Rachel are being very loud and enthusiastic about it.

Rachel:  Well Adam, I guess we can just kill this whole bottle!

Adam:  It's Korbel, so it's got to be good, huh?  (ha ha those cheap CBS fuckers)

Porsche comes in complaining about how tired she is, and how she was up all night with the constant Fortune Teller interruptions.

Rachel:  Well, it wouldn't be Big Brother without interruptions, right?

Adam:  Remember, you signed up for this!

They also got a tie dye kit to work with, which Rachel is happy about it, and there is also a deck of cards.

Finally Jordan appears, looking less than enthused to be there.  They all toast.

Ahhhh, they are now taping the Showtime show for tonight.  Kalia just said it.

The live feeds will be down for 24 hours, so we will not learn who gets evicted tonight, nor who wins HOH, until Wednesday's broadcast.  I guess the next three hours are being taped for Showtime so that won't be live tonight, either.

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