Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rachel Tells Porsche's Secrets

Jordan and Rachel are talking in the HOH.

Jordan:  I just don't trust Porsche.  I think she's got it out for me...ever since Jeff left I think she wants me out.  And you're closer to her...

Rachel:  No, I'm not.  We're not close anymore at all.

Jordan:  All I know about her is she wears bikinis, she lives in Miami, and she likes some guy named Julian.

Rachel, giggling:  I know she has two Sugar Daddies!

FYI  I have heard Porsche talk about this Julian character.  I think he is a club promoter in Southern California.  I heard Porsche say that he has all of her stuff and her dog Tequila.  She also indicated that he didn't sign the release papers to allow her to talk about him.  After she made HOH, I think he signed them so she could mention his name.  But I'm not sure about that....every time the subject comes up the feeds get cut.

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