Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rachel Shows Her Acting Chops

on this clip from a former appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful.  The quality of the video is obviously terrible since it looks like someone taped it from their TV set, but hey a free video is a free video.

She chews up the scenery with her signature quote and basically overshadows the real actress, who is no match for the cocktail-wielding diva.

And this brief clip from The Bold and the Beautiful features Brendon discussing how to pronounce Neanderthal, if you can believe that.  It would have been better if Britney Haynes was the patron in the bar, but whatever.  Brendon's acting is not exactly mesmerizing, but he does look good on camera.

And this is a clip of Brendon being seen and not really heard, which is probably a good thing.  Make it a double, Brendon!

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