Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rachel Reilly on The Talk

I have to say that both Brendon and Rachel were precious on this show.  They just radiate joy, and why not?  Not only is their wedding paid for now, but they can also cover Brendon's college loans, and probably still buy a place to live.

Most of all, Rachel beams when Julie tells her that she went from America loving to hate her, from America loving to love her.

This is a two segment show.  The first segment features the Zingbot, who gets in some good zingers about all of the hosts on The Talk.  I don't know that black chick's name, but after she got Zinged the audience was dead silent---it did seem very mean but then Zingbot seemed to win the audience over.  Each one of them had a look of extreme dread on their faces waiting for the punchline.

Here is the first segment:

The second segment features a competition between Rachel and Sarah Gilbert, who are both good sports about it.  Let's just say that they make Rachel work very hard for the prize.   Well done, Brenchal, well done.

Here is the second segment:

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