Saturday, September 3, 2011

Porsche's (Lack of) Fashion Sense

She walked into the kitchen and Adam asked her, "did you just take a shower and put on the same clothes from yesterday"?

She says yes, and is once again wearing that pink hoodie she grabbed in the Big Brother Shopping Spree with Tori Spelling.

Porsche starts talking about how she loves Betsey Johnson (wacky clothing designer with long red extensions) and says that two of the dresses she has worn on the show were Betsey's.  She mentions "the green one", which I think was a skin tight number with VPL (Visible Panty Lines).  She was really stuffed into that one and had to waddle around in it.  I remember she wore it when Dani was HOH and when she left the room Dani and Kalia kind of laughed about it.  (Dani:  Uh...where is she going in that?)

The strapless plaid dress she wore when she first walked into the house was Betsey's, too.  I recently heard Kalia talking about that, saying "that dress was HORRIBLE".

It was horrible.  Both dresses had Clearance Rack written all over them.

Adam is cooking a pound of bacon and is snacking while he waits on it.

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