Thursday, September 1, 2011

Porsche's HOH Reign

is nearly over.  Big Brother just woke up the house guests and Porsche is moving slowly around the HOH room, starting her day.

She fed the fish and is organizing things--she needs to move out this morning.

About Porsche:

1.  She has really been making a huge deal about being HOH.  Although it is an accomplishment to win, it is not as big of a deal as it would have been in the early weeks of the game, when winning would have meant that she beat out 10 or so people.  She insists on wearing her HOH key around her neck and locking the door when she's not in the HOH Room.  Rachel and Jordan mock her for that, and Shelly did too.

2.  She was extremely offended on Friday when Rachel and Jordan approached Kalia to talk about Porsche's nominations.  Kalia was trying to tell Porsche what they said, but Porsche couldn't even focus on what she was saying.  She kept saying "why didn't they come up to see me?  I'm the HOH!".  Later in the nomination speech, she cited this as a reason for nominating the two of them.

3.  Yesterday was the day that the HOH camera is given to the HOH for picture time, usually around 12:00 for about an hour.  They were late with this yesterday, and I heard Porsche in the backyard complaining that someone was in the DR, and "if they gave HER the HOH camera she was really going to be upset"!  They ended up giving her the camera soon afterwards.

4.  After winning HOH, Porsche apparently went in the DR with a long list of items she wanted for her room.  She later said that it took them much longer to get her HOH room ready for her due to that long list.

Now Porsche is in the shower, after putting on her bikini.

Kalia is still in the HOH bed.  Porsche was trying to be quiet so as not to disturb her.

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