Friday, September 2, 2011

Porsche's HOH Blog

Here it is, word for word.  I'm guessing Porsche went to public school, and probably didn't pay that much attention in class.

I was confused about this "LE" she refers to, and finally realized she is referring to Lawon Exum.  Maybe she couldn't spell "Lawon" and took the easy way out.

HOH Blog: Porsche

Posted on Sep 1, 2011 10:42pm

Well HELLO outsiders!!!!!! This experience in the Big Brother house has been a roller coaster so far! I don't think I could have figured out who the top 6 would be… and I'm so happy to be apart of it!!! 4 new kids and 2 vets WOW!!!

The last week was a very trying week for me.. ME and my closest friends in the house were on the block :( Which brings me to set the record straight to all those that wonder about me and Rachel. Her and I were very close in the beginning… but this house can bring out many emotions and can cause people to lash out. She's a great girl and we both have outgoing, bubbly personalities but there came a point in my experience here that I no longer wanted to talk game 24/7 and I wanted to enjoy my time getting to know all my roommates. Dani, Kalia, Dom and LE gave me something really special and that was the ability to look past the game, even if for only a few hours a day and that is something I will always cherish from them. LE I miss you! p.s. the Jammer cards are ready! :D

Back to this week!!! You haven't experienced big brother until you live a fast forward. The rush you get from this is like no other in the house.  Of course I tried to help Dani when she thought there was no hope. I was sad to see either of my girls go but I was actually happy that we all got to share the have not room experience before being split up. Moving on to Kalia winning the first fast forward HOH.. it was amazing :) and me winning the Power of Veto and It being my first win of the season was better then words. I'm glad I got to compete with some of the best players in the house and finally beat them. I hope you all understand that's why I couldn't save Jeff. He's a great guy and I hope we'll be friends after the show. However, in here he ran a tight ship that I wasn't on.

The second HOH of the fast forward is why i'm here writing this!!! I can't believe I Won my first HOH.. ok yes I can ;) and maybe it would've been sooner if I got to play the first half of the game LOL!!!! Sorry to everyone that thought I was boring up until 3 weeks ago and my family and friends who knew I wasn't being myself. This house is very hard to deal with… and I knew it would be ;) ;) I can never thank the people who helped get me here enough and I hope i'm making you guys proud.

Now some truth.. I'm so Sorry I opened the Pandoras Box!!!!!! Things were perfect numbers wise.. I guess I was hoping to share the money with someone in jury and get myself a couple votes in the end.. but if I had to pick anyone to be safe this week and get the money it was Kalia. I'm really happy to be playing with her.. I just hope she don't flip on me (that's this crazy house talking)

Adam- Thank you for always making me extra crispy bacon!!!!
Shelly- Thank you for your help the first week in the house and looking out for me on a personal level. I know i'm hard to deal with when it comes to older women motherly figures.
Kalia- You were the one I made my first deal in the house with and I hope you're the one i'm making my last deal with also!! Drinks at the Dime after??
Rachel- HEY GIRL ;) I would not have been able to make it through the first few weeks without you and you have worked your butt off to get where you are! I'm happy for you.
Jordan- We haven't talked much this season but when we did I found it really easy to open up to you. You are one of the purest people I know and I hope you stay that way forever.

To the housemates of the past… I hope this is an experience we will never forget.

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