Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Porsche Just Saw the Medic

in the DR due to her leg injury from the HOH Part #2 competition.

Before going to the DR she asked Rachel and Adam to take a look at her leg.  They both said the rash looks worse.

Rachel:  You should ask to see the Medic.  Because tomorrow is the last day and you don't have any health insurance.  You don't want to get out of here and be like, oh no...

When Porsche came out of the DR she was excited and said "Holy Crap!  There's like, a real person in there!  She's going to leave me some hydrocortisone cream..."

BB didn't like that and cut the feeds while she tries to brief Rachel on the issue.  She told Adam the Medic looked at her leg "through the screen" so I guess she didn't get face-to-face contact with them.

Adam has been grilling in the backyard and is very convincing when speaking with both Porsche and Rachel individually. I haven't heard him ask Rachel to take him to the end, but whenever he is alone with Porsche he starts working on her.

Here are various pictures of the last hour or so...

Also, Adam is hoping Fara will be there at the Finale. Her school gives her a hard time when she wants time off, and he is also worried about his job as well.  Maybe they got used to getting by without him and his job is getting eliminated.  (In the record industry, this would be a concern for me as well.....)

Adam:  I hope I haven't done anything in here to make my job questionable...

Rachel assured him that is not the case.

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