Saturday, September 3, 2011

Porsche: Adam If You Win the POV, Things Look Good!

Adam agrees.  They are sitting and staring at the Picture Wall.

(If Adam wins the POV and uses it to save Porsche, that means he is turning on Rachel and Jordan.  Jordan will have to be nominated in Porsche's place, and it is pretty much a sure thing that Porsche and Adam would vote to evict Jordan.)

(Would Adam really try to win the POV?  His losing strategy is working pretty well for him so far...)

Porsche:  Remember when Shelly had short hair and was a normal adult weight?

Those camera guys remember Cassi.  I'm sure they have plenty of pictures to remember her by...

Get well soon, Evel Dick.  I hope he is still planning to do post-finale interviews in the back yard.

That is the string from Jordan's key dangling in front of Jeff's face.  Porsche certainly isn't going to join Jeff's Fan Club anytime soon....

Porsche reads the Bible.  She's really just flipping the pages around, though.  Probably looking for pictures.

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