Sunday, September 18, 2011

Photos From the Wrap Party

More drunken Big Brother stars than you can shake a stick at.

James Rhine was holding the microphone, so he must have been hired by SuperPass to cover the event.  I think he did last year, too.

The dirty-looking dude who needs a shave is Kevin Campbell from BB11, who must be trying out "a new look".

The BB9 houseguest formerly known as Crazy James came out of the woodwork to attend the Wrap Party.  He appeared on one of Evel Dick's podcasts a month or so ago and said a friend of his in New York knows Adam from some bar they go to, so there is a bond there.

Remember Big Sheila from BB9?  I hardly recognize her in this picture.

Janelle needs no introduction.  I think she is at least 6 months pregnant at this point.  I don't know who that interviewer is.

Porsche squeezes in next to her "friend" Janelle.

Great shot of Janelle with Jen Johonson from BB8.

Jordan celebrates with Rachel.

I remember Jordan describing to the other BB13 houseguests what happened in the final days of BB11. She referred to Natalie and Kevin as "a girl and a guy who were in an alliance together" throughout the story, rather than mentioning them by name.

And there is Jeff wearing one of his favorite shirts.

And Dominic rocking his nerd glasses.

I heard Janelle say on Evel Dick's show that she couldn't stand Shelly and could barely watch the feeds when Shelly was talking.

BB12's Matt Hoffman with his wife Stacy.

I remember hearing Kevin doing commentary during BB12 and calling Matt "a leftover from BB11 casting".  Matt got very close to being cast on that season, and only pulled out because of the scheduling of his wedding to Stacy.  I think he would have had Casey's spot, but I think he could have substituted for Kevin quite easily on that season.

Rachel from BB6.  Remember her? Howie's "partner"?  I guess she is destined now to be remembered as "that other Rachel from BB".

And how unfortunate is this---Renny from BB10.  What has happened to her?  I think she moved to LA a few years ago and is somehow in the entertainment business.  I hope she gets the help she needs.

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