Friday, September 2, 2011

Pandora's Box is Pending

and we come back from a feed break and Rachel and Jordan are in the Have Not room discussing the situation. They obviously know that Production is setting it up in the HOH Room.

Jordan says she would open if if it looked like Jeff was coming back in the house for a day or two.  Rachel isn't sure what she would do, but she would like to see Brendon and/or win a honey moon trip.

Jordan describes how during BB11 Keven went upstairs, opened the Pandora's Box and was trapped, then money started blowing around the back yard.  They also discuss when Jessie came in the house to torment Britney during BB12.

Jordan:  Maybe you can go up there and see what it is...if it's something really good.....

Rachel:  What if Daniele comes back in the house for 24 hours?

They both groan.

Jordan thinks maybe it will be a "cool luxury thing, where everybody gets to do something".

Jordan:  I would want it to be a celebrity!

Rachel:  We had a celebrity!

Jordan:  I mean a real celebrity!

Rachel:  Jordan!  He was a big celebrity!

Jordan:  But a recent one....current.

Rachel describes David Hasselhoff's career and accomplishments, and then pimps CBS' new Same Name show.

Jordan:  I would want somebody like Carrie Underwood!

Jordan didn't even know what "that show Knightrider" was.  Rachel says "it was a movie".

(Ouch.  Good thing the Hoff isn't watching this.)

They joke about Jordan calling Rachel a handful.  Rachel says her mom will think that is hilarious.  I guess all is forgiven.

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