Friday, September 2, 2011

Oh Shit. It Was Jessie, Again.

And while Rachel was trapped with him, Tori Spelling actually came in the house and they had a shopping spree.

Jordan grabbed some sparkley things for Rachel.  Rachel admires a jacket that is "totally leather" from Calvin Klein that Porsche has.

They are all trying things on in the Dining Room.

Jordan:  I can't believe you got stuck with Jessie!

Rachel:  And I was watching you guys the whole time!

Jordan:  We could hear you down here!

Rachel got some T-shirts for the house guests from Jessie, I guess.

Adam:   Rachel, thank you very much.  You're getting the best wedding present ever.  You don't understand.....

(meeting Tori Spelling was his dream)

Jordan feels like she "racked up" and is giving Rachel things that she grabbed.  Rachel jokes that she "racked up" with T-shirts, too.  Jessie gave her a number of T-shirts to promote his new wrestling contract.  Rachel wants to give one to Brendon since it has Jessie's picture on it.  At least one of the T-shirts is signed by Jessie with a black magic marker.

Adam:  When Fara sees Sunday night's show, she is going to flip!

Rachel says Jessie had a lot of merchandise up there---protein shakes, etc, and she wasn't sure what she was allowed to take.  He had some cool thermoses with his picture on it but she didn't feel like she could take one.

Rachel starts describing how Jessie came out of the box and the feeds are cut frequently.   Turns out Rachel asked Jessie to sign T-shirts for the house guests.

Rachel:  I asked him, don't you want to sign one for Jordan?  He said, Oh Jordan (in a disgusted tone) and then he signed "To Jordan, I'm the winner!  Jessie".

The Pandora card said something about a "shopping spree with a celebrity" and they heard her say that downstairs.  Production asked her to lower her voice so they wouldn't overhear.  The card had a picture of Tori Spelling on it.  According to Rachel, she was pregnant and has some sort of wedding show now.

Jordan:  Did they have to talk you into it?

The feeds cut out on that.

There is also a huge tub of hair gel with Jessie's picture on it with the Young Gunz logo.

The doorbell rang and it was Tori and she had to keep ringing the bell because Adam had to put pants on.

Adam:  She was happy that I knew her birthday and the name of her store.

She kissed Adam and he is over the moon about it.

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