Sunday, September 4, 2011

No Evel Dick Updates Yet

Well, there is no update, unfortunately.  Dick's last tweet was the one I posted here on September 1st when he announced his gall bladder surgery.

How long does it take to recover from something like that?  I hope he is okay and comes back raring to go.  Maybe even nicotine-free?

I was hesitant to post the following, but I will do so anyway.

I read somewhere on JokersUpdates that Adam mentioned that earlier in the season, all of the house guests had to go outside immediately due to some sort of "suspicious activity" inside.   I just looked to see if I could find that post again, to re-read it and then watch a Flashback of the conversation but was not successful.  It concerns me that BB would have mentioned "suspicious activity" to them---that part seems strange to me so I wanted to hear it for myself.

When I read that post, however, the first thing I thought about was Evel Dick.  And drugs, although that is only my speculation.  I do think that Evel Dick had to leave the Big Brother house due to drug use.  I think Production turned the other cheek once they knew what was going on and got as much Evel Dick footage as they could before the feeds went live.

Because he left the show just before the feeds went live.

I think Alison knew the live feeders would catch him and then CBS would be up the creek without a paddle.

Did anyone hear Adam talk about this supposed suspicious activity?

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