Sunday, September 18, 2011

More Wrap Party Photos

A few of these pictures are from Las Vegas, but all are post season party pictures.

The Heavy Metal Teddy Bear and Bearess.

Annie and Matt from BB12.

Believe it or not, that is Chelsia from BB9 in the gray dress.  Jordan in the white top and black pants.  Don't know who the chick in black is on the right.  They are dancing on top of the bar.

Yes, on the bar.

Chelsia and Rachel.

Dani and Dom.

Dom and his super cute sister.

Jeff and Matt, boozin'.

Crazy James and Lydia.  Suddenly, I'm fumbling for my bottle of Purell.

Rachel meeting her Big Brother Idol.

Spicy trying to grab a piece of Jeff.  Do you think Jeff smells like cologne?

Jordan and Ragan.  Cute picture of both of them.

That is Jeff's brother Scott with Jordan and Rachel.  This must have been before Jordan got schmammered and climbed up on the bar with Chelsia.

Kalia and her man Derek.  He's cute.  Get some, Kalia.

This is Libra from BB10.  With Spicy, who is in most of the pictures.

So, what is wrong with Lydia?  You just know that something is....

That is Memphis from BB10 to Jeff's right.

Porsche on the mic.

Shelly and her husband Tony.

Spicy, Dani, and the dreaded Yellow Clown Shoe.

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  1. You hate me so much but you use all my pics. You're welcome. :)



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