Sunday, September 4, 2011

More Info About Jordan

I know Jordan is very popular with the fans, so I found two old updates that I posted from BB11 that might be relevant now.

I wish I took more pictures back then---I know I missed out on some good ones.  Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda.

Jordan's Dating History

This post is really about her sex life, let's be clear.  Also about Kevin Campbell's sex life.

You can read it here.

Jordan's Family Problems

Jordan's family really needed the money the year she won BB11.  It sounds like her life was a normal middle class one, until her Dad had a mid-life crisis and lost his shit.  I have heard Jordan talk about him this year and I think she has some sort of relationship with him now.

You can read it here.

At this point, I am pulling for Rachel Reilly to win BB13 if she makes it to the end of the game, but if Jordan is in the Final Two with Adam or Porsche, she will likely win Big Brother again.

And I'm okay with that, I guess.  She hasn't been winning much, but she is largely responsible for Rachel's transformation in the game these past few weeks.  Jeff tried to tame Rachel's behavior, but I think she thought he was mean to her.

Jordan has been a great influence on Rachel, and their friendship is going to strengthen Rachel's fan base. She won't be hated when she leaves the house this year, and that was one of her goals.

Also, if Jeff and Jordan do end up moving to LA when the season is over, it will be good for them to have another couple to hang out with.  I know Jeff has a lot of old friends out in LA from when he lived there, but if they are all single guys that is going to be a huge strain on the relationship.

If Rachel and Jordan make it to the end together, I'm pretty sure Rachel will win.  Jordan would get Jeff and Shelly's vote, but I think Rachel will take home the Big Prize.

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