Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kalia's Eviction Interview with Julie Chen

Here is the link to Kalia's full-length interview with Julie Chen after her eviction. She is a good talker and did a good job as far as composure goes.

But who does Kalia think she is wearing those short shorts?  I know she thinks she is like Sarah Jessica Parker and is a fashion icon, but c'mon.  Get real.

Once again Rachel left a rude goodbye message.  I can tell it really bothered Kalia when Rachel compared her to a cow.  She kept repeating it during the rest of Rachel's message, and then brought it up again with Julie afterwards.

I think Jordan's message may have been critical, but any negative comments were edited out.  If you notice, Jordan makes a comment about Kalia's constant talking, and then the tape skips forward to discussion of Kalia's intelligence.

I would MUCH rather Kalia win than Porsche, however.  Anybody but Porsche, please.

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