Friday, September 2, 2011

Jordan Mentions Her Visit to BB12 with Jeff

She walked around behind the scenes first and saw Rachel and Brendon laying in bed and stood just a foot away from them.

Jordan:  Even though I had seen everybody on TV, it was still different to see them in person.

She said her heart was pounding and she was scared when they rang the doorbell to enter the house.

They think that Tori must have walked around backstage and saw them before coming in, too.  She greeted Adam by name and asked him if he would have a 90210-themed wedding.

Adam: Yeah I'll have a 90210 wedding!

Jordan:  But what about Fara?  It's her wedding, too!

Everyone is giddy with excitement and the nomination ceremony appears to be forgotten at the moment.

I don't know about you, but I hope some of those clothes actually fit Porsche.  Even if she doesn't stay in the house much longer it would be nice to see something other than the velour sweatsuits, the pink-and-gray striped top and the "Hi Dad" T-shirt.

Jordan apologizes to Rachel that she didn't get any shoes for them.  She just didn't have time to get over to the shoe area.  Kalia grabbbed several pair.  Jordan knows that a pair of Jessica Simpson platforms were there and is sick about not getting them.

The feeds cut out and when we return Adam is talking in detail about Aaron Spelling's death and who just bought the Spelling estate, which is one of the largest homes in California.

Adam:  There are literally rooms in that house that nobody every goes in.

Kalia, play-acting:  Oh, I totally forgot about that couch!  I didn't know where it was.

Now they discuss Tori having beef with her mom and getting cut off, financially.

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