Friday, September 2, 2011

Jordan: I Would Have Asked for My Humilitard Back

if I had to get stuck with Jessie in there.

They discussed that this is the 4th season in a row for Jessie on Big Brother.

Jordan:  He does love himself.  I mean, when you see him outside of this house he's okay and everything, but that is his persona.

Adam:  And who would come all the way over here for just an hour?  Would someone like Britney do that?

Adam explains the classic 90210 episode where Donna Martin got drunk at the prom and was expelled.  Adam goes into GREAT detail about he episode and Porsche tries to get him to stop by saying "I gotcha" a few times during his monologue.

Adam: If I had been up there with Jessie and watched you all up here with Tori, I would have gone crazy and probably torn the door down.

I think Big Brother had Adam go into the storage room so that Tori could enter the house safely.

Jordan:  No wonder they wanted us to look nice today.

The feeds cut out.

Adam mentions that one of his friends met Tori in Turks & Caicos and he and Tori discussed it.  Adam also got some Appletini mix and had a cocktail with Tori.  He is dancing around and is still very excited.

Kalia informs everyone about Tori's first wedding, and how she married her second husband after starring in a movie with him "like, one day after her divorce".  She starts talking about Tori's brief appearance with her mother on Troop Beverly Hills.  Adam mentions "Mother Can I Sleep With Danger" (a classic!) and Jordan mentions the Lifetime movie where Tori killled a cheerleader.

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