Friday, September 2, 2011

Jessie Served Rachel

a protein shake that he made, holding it out and saying "you're welcome"!.

Rachel:  I was watching all of you drink Appletinis and Jessie said, this is better for you!

They proudly display the picture of Jessie in the kitchen.

Rachel:  I said something about Brendon and Jessie said, "Who's Brendon?  You're going to forget all about Brendon!"

Adam, joking:  You're welcome!

Rachel:  I think Jessie is really sweet, though.

Jordan:  Oh yeah, he's sweet.  That's just his persona.

They discuss how short Jessie is and that he was the same height as Russell.

Now Adam makes a questionable decision of talking about how tall Jeff is.

Adam:  I know he says he's 6 foot, but he's really 5'10', 5'11', tops.

Jordan:  Really?

Adam:  Yeah.  I'm 6'1".

Now he goes into detail about how Jeff''s picture looks so young, but in person he has so much gray hair.  He compares him to Lawon, who is roughly the same age.  (Don't forget to keep kissing ass, Adam.)

Rachel says that Jessie had on some tight little wrestling briefs that said Mr. Pectacular in sparkley bling across his butt.

Rachel:  I didn't want to look, but his ass looked really good.

She describes how the buttcheeks of his briefs were shaped to show more.

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