Saturday, September 3, 2011

Is Kalia the Target? Or is it Porsche?

Jordan just pulled Rachel into the Have Not room to discuss the matter.  She was up all night thinking about various scenarios.

They initially planned to target Kalia, since she has done so well in the Question Competitions.  Jordan would have won one of those if not for Kalia.  But Jordan is thinking about her season, and what the last few competitions were like.

Jordan:  The first HOH competition (for the final HOH showdown) was endurance---and we would win that.  And the second one we had was a skill, and Kalia is terrible at those.

Jordan knows that Porsche could win either of those.  Rachel listens, and says she is thinking about those same things today.  Jordan is also suspicious of Adam, thinking that he and Porsche have a Final Two deal.

After they finish talking, Rachel goes straight to the kitchen to ask Adam AGAIN if he plans to use the POV if he wins it.  He assures her that he won't, and Rachel looks satisfied.

Do you think she really believes him?

You can see two things in the above picture:

1.  How tiny the new dining room table is.  BB really rubs it in with that one.

2.  The 'Continuously Awesome" sweatpants that Rachel got from Jessie.

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