Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Think the Live Feeds are a Wrap

until the aftershow interviews.  As I do every year, I will cover those interviews for you.  I am particularly looking forward to Evel Dick's interviews for  I hope he is doing well...recent tweets reported that he "felt like shit again" so let's all pray or chant or cross your pinkie toes or whatever it is we can do to bring him good luck and health.

He hasn't done an RTVZone chat since the last one I reported on, taped on 8-29-11, so I hope we can see him tonight.

Please check back in the coming days and weeks for post-season interviews and houseguest coverage.  Tonight is actually the worst finale timing for me---I am a CPA in "real life" and tomorrow is big tax deadline for 2010 business reporting.  So having said that I won't be able to stay up all night to cover the post-season events but will watch and report as soon as I can for you.

I love Big Brother and thank you for your patronage this season.  I know we don't all love the outcome every year, but there is no other television experience where you can follow along live with all of the action.

As much as some of us bitch and complain, I can't imagine a summer without Big Brother and I hope I don't have to for at least a few more years....

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