Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Guess Cassi is Hooking Up With James Rhine

and he's not afraid for us to know that.

I follow James' tweets and a few weeks ago he went on some sort of  'mystery vacation' in a secret location and there were strong hints that he went to see Cassi somewhere. Nashville?  Texas?

Anyway now he tweets back and forth with Cassi's dad so who the hell knows.  Here are some pictures he has tweeted from last night, along with said tweets.


Also, this is a retweet from Matt Hoffman's wife Stacy.  I guess she doesn't like Allison Grodner very much, huh?  Wonder why?  If you know please let us all know....


  1. Why is there so much hate for Alison?

  2. I don't know Spock! WTF did Alison do to Stacy? Stacy visited this blog frequently last year and left a few comments, so Stacy if you come back please dish the dirt!

    I don't think Stacy liked the on camera segment the show did on her last year. Maybe that's it.

    Alison hair is kind of gross, but I would assume it is somewhat clean, right?


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