Monday, September 5, 2011

The House Guests Know About Tomorrow

specifically that the live show would be taped tomorrow.

Kalia and Porsche are moving around, starting to organize and pack things.

Jordan is with Adam and Rachel in the HOH and it sounds like Kalia is starting to get to Jordan. She is now thinking she should vote to keep Kalia.  (I think that would make Rachel cast the deciding vote.)

Adam:  I felt that I owed Jeff my vote.  If you feel like that about Kalia, go ahead and vote for her.

Rachel:  Kalia and Porsche are freaking out right now!

Jordan:  Oh, now Kalia's gonna mope.  I can't stand that...

Kalia just started a load of laundry on the patio.  (Can't she do that in the Jury House?)  I think she should make sure there is no lockdown coming up to mess up her laundry plans.

Adam is really happy with this news.  Jordan is still nervous about Adam's relationship with Porsche and he says he respects that.

Porsche is yapping downstairs about "not reading the manual where it talked about this".

Rachel announces in the Big Fake TV Voice that "HOH Picture Day is here!  Put on your Continuously Awesome gear and meet me in the backyard!"

Kalia starts to cry in the bedroom.  Or, maybe that was fake crying.. I think it was fake.

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