Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ho Hum

Sorry for the lack of updates, but this is a big week work-wise for me and let's face it---there isn't much to look in the Big Brother house these days.

Also, I think I'm getting my post-season BB blues, a few days early.

They have been getting ready for the HOH lockdown today.   Preparation includes gathering a variety of snacks to take upstairs (Porsche & Rachel) and smoking cigarette after cigarette (Adam).

Rachel dreamed about her ex-boyfriend and Brendon, but Brendon wasn't in the dream.  Rachel was at a party getting drunk and Rachel went to her ex-boyfriend's house and saw him hooking up with a bunch of random girls.  He blamed that behavior on her.  Then an old friend picked her up but instead of taking her home he took her to some boat dock.  Adam dreamed that he was on the show Burn Notice instead of Big Brother, and that Porsche survived some sort of shooting by being on a plane.

Before going upstairs the girls wondered what was wrong with Adam?  Rachel thought he was just sad and Porsche commented that he said he would not come back for All Stars.  Porsche thought that was crazy and said she'd come back in a heartbeat if "they" asked her too.

Rachel:  The only way I wouldn't come back is if I win.

Then Rachel realized the folly of saying that, in Porsche's eye's.

Rachel:  I mean, if I won "my season" I wouldn't have come back for this one.  Brendon said last time he would never come back...

(If Porsche thinks either she or Adam has a chance at being All Stars, she is sadly mistaken.  What a surprise they will both have when they work up the courage to troll the internet for mentions of themselves, huh?  Porsche's T & A pictures are among my most popular posts, however, so she should take pride and comfort in that.)

Adam was the last one upstairs in the HOH Room, muttering "sorry....sorry...sorry" the entire time he dragged his ass up the stairs, carrying an orange blanket for the girls.

The girls let him feed the fish.  I don't know if he had the chance to do that during his brief HOH reign.  (I've heard him say that he didn't have a chance to take a crap in the HOH bathroom during his HOH reign, much to his chagrin.  He only pooped as a visitor in the HOH bathroom this season.)

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