Saturday, September 3, 2011

Getting Ready to Get It Over With

Jordan has finished showering and  Porsche is in the shower now.

Rachel just went into the DR.  And Kalia?  Well, you guessed it.  She's eating.

Adam is making bacon.

Kalia babbles to Adam about the upcoming POV.  They are expecting it to be the OTEV challenge (extremely physical and would give Rachel the advantage) or the Face Morphing challenge.  They have all been staring at the picture wall just in case.

It took Jordan 12 minutes to finish the Face Morph challenge in BB11, so she has tried to prepare for a faster time this year, if applicable.

FYI There will be an eviction show aired this Wednesday night, which will be taped in front of a live audience on Tuesday night.  Then another live eviction on Thursday night, which will take us down to the Final Three.  And then the Finale will air on the following Wednesday.  I think the Sunday show is pre-empted, but I'm not certain about that.

Hey Alison, why not run a special one-hour show featuring the daily activities in the Jury House?  You know the fans would love it, and your ratings would surely spike if you promote it properly.  (i.e "Tune in to see if Jeff is still bogarting Shelly's cigarettes in the Jury House!?"  and "Does Dani still pine for PT in the Jury House?  Tune in to Learn the Truth!".  And so on...)

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