Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Final Three Lay in the Dark and Talk About Shelly

You can hear various thumping sounds behind the walls.

Porsche:  Do you think the people in the Jury House know who Shelly is?

Rachel:  Who Shelly is?

Porsche:  You know, Michelle....

When the feeds come back it seems that they are all sure that Shelly was America's Player, although I am not sure why...  They think Shelly appeared at the Jury House with a case of Monster, ready to party.

They are discussing all of the competitions and Adam is still worrying about Jeff possibly throwing the Cornhole competition, which would mean that Adam didn't really win it.

Part 2 of the Final HOH series will happen sometime today.  Rachel has been acting like she will take Porsche and the two of them seem quite chummy.  But Porsche acts the same way with Adam.

Supposedly this competition is going to be skill-related, so that could be anybody's game.  It will be very interesting to see what happens after the competition today.  The houseguest who will not compete in the Final HOH battle live on Wednesday will really start to scramble and start making pleas to the other two houseguests.

I don't know if Porsche will do that, though.  She is kind of a mystery.  She hasn't really seemed to care much about the outcome of the game all summer.

Yesterday they discussed having a Final Three lunch together the day after the finale.  They think that the lunch will happen on Friday afternoon, rather than Thursday.  Rachel wants to eat sushi at Universal Citiwalk, since that will be "near their hotel".

She has said several times that they need to do that, no matter what, and intends for Fara to join them as well.  She said the winner of BB will pay for lunch.

But whoever wins isn't going to be having lunch with the other two, even if they wanted to.  Their next couple of days will be totally booked with appearances and network events.

I heard Jordan say that she wasn't allowed to go out after she won, but Jeff went out to dinner with his brother and sister-in-law.

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