Friday, September 2, 2011

Everyone is Up and At' Em

now, with make up being applied.  Today's "Big Event" must be happening soon.  (i.e. Pandora's Box with celebrity visit).

Kalia and Porsche mutter about prizes and Adam.  They are nervous, understandably.  Jordan is up in the HOH with Rachel and is in the WC, I think, and is talking to Rachel as she puts on her eye makeup.

Rachel:  Kalia, who swore that she didn't know anything about it, told me that Shelly was planning on throwing away my little dog!  Can you believe that?  She's 41 and a mother!

Jordan:  I know.  I can't believe she would do something like that!

(Shelly actually wanted to cut off one of the stuffed dog's paws and leave it on Rachel's pillow.  I think that is kind of funny.  So did Daniele. She might as well have done that, for the way things turned out.)

Rachel feeds the fish, checking first with Jordan to ensure that today is Day #63.  (Each bag of food is labeled with the date, after previous season casts killed the fish by overfeeding them.  Lots of floaters in the fishtank during past seasons...)

They are all still locked down in the house.  Adam only had two cigarettes yesterday and is in a foul mood about it.  I'm sure Shelly is smoking like a chimney today---Adam should think about that before he complains too much....

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