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Evel Dick's Backyard Interviews for RTVZone - Daniele Donato

I have to say I really enjoyed Evel Dick's BB13 backyard interviews.  He has had a lot more media experience than his BB11 backyard interviews and certainly has a unique and exclusive series of insights about the game this year.

I started watching one of the interviews yesterday on my way out of the house, and yadda yadda yadda almost two hours flew by.  When you write updates, sometimes you don't get to really absorb and enjoy what you are watching, so I just relished watching Evel Dick work on the houseguests with my hands off the keyboard.

So now I'll go back and watch again and recap them for you.  With Evel Dick, you even want to watch the interviews for the less-exciting houseguests as well as the Big Stars, because he calls them on their shit, big time.

The first interview I wanted to see was Evel Dick's interview with Daniele Donato, his only daughter.  Because you are a Big Brother fan yourself, that needs no explanation.

1.  So imagine my heartbreak to click on the link and find that it was virtually impossible to hear the audio portion of the interview.  Was this his first interview tonight?  You could hear the audio feed for other surrounding interviews better than Dick's audio.  (You can actually hear Alison Grodner's interview being conducted that I posted the link to earlier today.)  I watched as he pointed out his business partner and introduced the other members of his crew to Dani.  He didn't do that for any of the other houseguests, only his daughter Daniele.

2.  I consider myself a fan of  Dani and appreciate the focus and energy she brings to the game, but at the same time I think she acts like a total brat.  But hey, her dad is EVEL DICK so I know that has been a struggle, so I (kind of) understand.  Personally I don't have any sort of relationship with my father, either, so I would be MORTIFIED if he were to appear during key moments of my life and kill my buzz.  But hey, I'm not on TV, and I didn't appear on a reality show with my father.  I think Dani could probably have been cast on her own for Big Brother, but I certainly don't think she would have the cache in the game that she has if she weren't connected to the famous Evel Dick.

3.  You can hear Dick's crew try to work on the audio problem, and at one point someone says they are "going to stop it really quick" and there is a long sickening moment where it looks like the interview is over.  But after a few seconds (of panic for me) the video comes back with the audio and we are back in business.

4.  When that happens Dick and Dani are mid-conversation and I don't think Dick realizes they are back on camera.  Dani is complaining about Jeff, and what I think is her anger at Production for bending over backwards for him.

Dani:  He got more money than Porsche won.

Dick, looking at us:  I didn't say're not allowed to talk about Production...about stipends.

Dani:  I'm not...I'm not talking about the the stipends!  I'm talking about him winning America's Choice and 15 grand.

Dick:  What was he, second on the Jury?

Dani:  Third.  He was third. About 15 minutes after I left.

Dick:  Let me tell you, America, the fans, me, and I'm sure most of the people watching the show, when you and Jeff went home in one hour, it was just psssft (hand motion like a rocket crashing) ...the two people who were doing things in the house to make it interesting....

(I don't need to tell you that Production didn't give him that money.  Jeff won $15,000 of that money fair and square in two different competitions, and America gave him the $25,000.  What were they supposed to do, give Dani the money?  I heard her on the feeds says she didn't "give a crap about being America's Choice", so I guess you get what you pay for, Dani.)

(But I guess what Dani told Kalia about the Vets getting a double-stipend may have been true.  Rachel denied it when she heard about it, but hey she was trying to win the game.)

5.  He mentions Dani evicting Brendon twice and then says he has to say it...Daniele had horrible game play and why did she evict someone in her alliance...Lawon?  Dani reacts vehemently that she did not want to do that and went in the DR for, like an hour to vent about it.  She has quite a reaction to the whole situation and says it was due to Adam's vote that she ended up voting out Lawon.

Dick says that move cost her the game and Dani vigorously objects that if they voted out Rachel, Brendon would have let her win the live competition to stay in the house since he already left earlier in the game so she could stay.

Dani:  He didn't want to be in there, anyway because of school.

Dick:  That's what I heard, too.

(Dick is coughing one or two weak coughs every few minutes, turning his head away to do so.  Maybe that means he quit smoking?  Sometimes that happens as your lungs clear out.)

6.  Dick:  I'm surprised you didn't try to make a deal with Rachel, although I know she is such a pain in the ass.

Dani says she tried to, but blah blah blah blah blah.  She gives some specific examples of Rachel's evil ways and evil things she said to her.

7.  Dani thinks America hates her to have voted Brendon back in the house---either that or "Brendon's mom has a really high phone bill".

8.  Dick brings up the segment that he did on the CBS show the week that Dani was HOH.  This part of the conversation kind of illustrates why their relationship is so bad.  He is trying to tell her that he said she had terrible gameplay and this mirrors what she said about her own gameplay---they thought the same thing.  Then he really rubs it in and says that Grandma said exactly the same thing, too. He repeats the info about Grandma a few times.

You can kind of see her deflate as Dick goes on and on about this, pleased with himself that he was right and my heart breaks for Dani.  She tries to answer in curt, short, "I know it all" responses, but it really is sad to see.  Dani is not as tough as she pretends to be, but I guess we all know that.

Life will get better Daniele.  You can get far, far away from your family drama and  live a happy free life.  I did.

9.  At one point Dom stands in the background, watching, and flipping a water bottle up and around.

10.  Now they discuss how the Newbies didn't want to play and that Dani had to "dumb down and take it down a few levels to play with them".

Dick compares this season to BB11, where the good players were voted out early.

Dani:  Season 11?  I don't even remember Season 11.

Dick:  Jordan's season.

Dani:  That's what I'm saying.  I don't even remember Season 11.  I don't remember anything about it.  (in a bratty tone)   I wonder why.

(She doesn't remember Chima having a melt down and getting the boot?  Russell chasing Ronnie around the house, taunting him?  Jeff gardening in the backyard with his shirt off?  Jessie getting nasty with Lydia up in the HOH?)

Dick compares the ending of BB11 to the ending of BB13.

Dani:  Of course!  It's like, me, Brendon, Jeff and Shelly in the Jury House--we were the ones scheming and playing and we weren't in the house!  And I get in the Jury House and I start singing 'Reunited and it feels so good' (old Peaches & Herb song) and I literally thought Jeff was going to punch me in the face.  I was looking for security.

11.  Dick says in the early weeks it was Dani trying to do too many big game moves.

Dani:  Well, I had the Golden Key because of you!  I wasn't there to play summer camp.

12.  Dani admits that it was a season of terrible game moves and she admits that.

Dick:  Led by you....

Dani:  But at least I made my own moves and stood on my own two feet.  And that's more than anybody else can say.

Dick:  That's more than 3/4 of them can say. And Adam thinks everyone loves him.

Dani:  I know he does!  He's going to be remembered as the guy in the elf suit.

Dick:  No, he's going to be remembered as worst ultimate floater.  EW had an article about him last week with his picture and the headline 'Is Adam the worst BB player ever?"

Dani:  Wow.

Dick:  And that's how people feel about him.

Dani:  Well I guess I don't mind what I said to Julie about him on the Live Feeds.  (when she called him out about being there to give Jeff a paycheck)

Dick:  Did you know that he said on the live feeds over and over not to vote for you as America's Player.

Dani.  Wow.  I didn't know that.  I do know that he stayed up every night, trying to do you.  (i.e. BB8's Dick at Night Show on the live feeds"

Dick:  Yes, he did that.

13.  Dick says everybody knew all year that Jeff would win America's Favorite.

Dani: No, Adam thought he would win and said that to all of us a number of times.  You know what else?  He also said he thinks this season is "The Season of the Adam".

Dick is surprised and kind of chuckles:  The Season of the Atomic Fart.

14.  Dick asks about Kalia---he looked at it like Dani was stuck with her.  Dani says no, that Kalia had a very hard situaiton with her dad as well and they talked about it on Week One.

Dani:  It was just a tiny conversation but it bonded us.

She loves Kalia and wanted to work with her.  Dick wished Dani had kept that alliance secret until she needed it not to be.

Dani:  Well, it was secret until the whole Jeff backdoor thing blew up in my face!

Dick:  Well, whose fault it that?

15.  Dani brings up that she coined the word 'Piggybacker' to describe Adam, since he didn't have to stand on his own two feet at all.

Dick:  People were calling Jordan a floater...

Dani:  Jordan wasn't a floater.  Jordan was asleep the whole time.  Jordan was hating the game and talking about she wanted to go home.  She did nothing but say that she hated it and wanted to go home.  She was only on the show because Jeff wanted to win and I was like, please leave because I want to be there.

16.  I can just see Alison watching this footage over and over, chuckling and making evil plans for BB14.

17.  Dick has to wrap it all up abruptly when Brenchal walk by and talk about awkward--he needs to do his job and talk to the other players.

Dick:  OK. Well, we'll talk.....I'll see you around..........we're having a Wrap Party at Universal Studio City Walk...we'll talk.......................................

Dani just nods and waves to us and poof she's gone.

Dani:  Coolio......gratzi......

(The only term worse than 'Dinunzio' is 'Coolio'.)

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