Monday, September 19, 2011

Evel Dick Wrap Party Pictures

According to Evel Dick, all of the BB13 houseguests except Jeff and Jordan showed up at this year's inaugural event.

Here are some of the pictures he has posted.

This is Cassi with Dick's girlfriend Amy.

Dick with Sara from BB6--you know, James Rhines' ex-girlfriend.  She's changed, huh?

My personal favorite, Rob Cesternino, the best Survivor player to never win.  (since Boston Rob just won...)

Evel Dick and his offspring Dani and Vincent, along with Amy Dick's girlfriend.  Take a look at Vincent's left hand---looks like he's flipping off the camera.  But then look at his other hand---isn't that hand freakishly huge?

Dani said on the live feeds that she had never met Amy before, but had seen pictures of her at her Grandma's house.  So I guess Dani met her for the first time after the finale.

Dick has also shot down the rumor that he left because Amy miscarried a baby.  Dick says he had a vasectomy  a decade ago, so this was not the reason he left.  (Duh.  I think we all know why Dick left.)

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