Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Did You Know that Kalia is a Bartender?

I watched Kalia all summer, but I didn't know that until one night late last week.  The other house guests didn't know, either.

One night on Big Brother After Dark she was talking to the girls and the topic came up.  Rachel and Porsche have discussed working in bars and clubs all summer long, so it is rather odd that Kalia just copped to the fact that she doesn't earn a living from being a writer like she said she did.  (That would make me very suspicious of her, if I were one of the remaining houseguests.)

Rachel walked out to the back yard with glasses of wine for Porsche and Kalia, doing "the dip" as she bent down and telling them that would be $12 each.  I think Kalia started talking about it shortly thereafter.

She said she moved out to California and needed a job to make ends meet.  I think she only had weekend shifts, as well as Monday.  Jordan was surprised that Kalia could just work a few days each week and afford to pay her rent.  (So as close as she and Jordan were at the beginning of this season, she didn't even tell her what she really did for a living...)

Kalia got in trouble with her boss due to the Big Brother auditions and interviews.  She got someone to cover for her at the last minute when she found out she was cleared for the next level of BB interviews, and somehow her boss at the restaurant got angry at her and I think she got fired.

One of the girls Kalia worked with was on "her list" for Big Brother (meaning that casting spoke with her while Kalia was auditioning) and when Kalia left the job she told that girl "All right...I'm leaving!"   That girl got really excited about it and Kalia told her that she could not say anything to anybody, but after the show started she wanted the girl to tell her manager why she did what she did, etc.

Kalia:  So I don't think I'm going back there!

Porsche:  Oh, I think you could.  I would think they would understand and it would be okay.

Rachel:  Yeah.  This is LA!  People leave to film things all of the time.

Kalia seemed skeptical.  But maybe she was already counting her Big Brother chickens before they hatched.  I guess being "Blackie Collins" needs a little help paying the bills.


Rachel made $59 an hour working in Vegas (plus tips).
Kalia earned $11 an hour working in LA  (plus tips).
Porsche earned $5 and change an hour working in South Florida (plus tips).

I worked in a restaurant growing up in Florida and they do pay a lower minimum wage rate, with the understanding that your tips will put you at the minimum wage, at least.  But I went into another profession, so I'm admittedly not an expert...

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