Thursday, September 8, 2011

Craft Time at the Jury House

Has CBS ever featured bonus jury house footage on their website?  I think I remember seeing footage of BB4's Justin and Dana swimming around in a pool and discussing all the sex they were having, but that may have been on the CBS show.

I'm pretty sure that we haven't had three All Star quality houseguests in there at one time, though.  In the clip Brendon and Jeff have a craft session that Jeff uses as therapy, to work through his anger.  Dani drops by with a very douchey headband on and provides snarky commentary.

Jeff drew a yellow clown shoe, and "added a sole, although his yellow clown shoe had no sole".  He also added red tears and then money floating away above it.  Brendon painted a clown to help Jeff through his anxiety and grief.

Dani:  At least you got $15,000...that's more than we got!

(I think Jeff will end up taking home $40,000, but that is just a guess...)

If you have a few minutes this is actually very entertaining.  You can watch the footage here.

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