Friday, September 2, 2011

Big Brother Told Them to Wear Jeans

and Porsche is kind of complaining about it.  I think she knows those jeans aren't going to fit any better than they did last week.  Porsche mumbles that she "wants some new clothes".

(We want you to have new clothes too, Porsche.)

You can tell Kalia and Porsche are both getting paranoid about their situation.  When Jordan and Rachel came out of the Have Not Room Porsche asked Kalia twice if she had been in there with them.  (She wasn't in there with them.)

Jordan said earlier that it would be great if one of them went to the Jury House this week angry with the other one.  Rachel agreed that is brilliant, so there may be some head games coming as Jordan and Rachel start to work Jury Votes in their favor.

Jordan is blowdrying her hair now.  Do you think they would be more excited about getting ready today if they knew that a celebrity would be visiting them?  If Ashton Kutcher were to visit?

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