Saturday, September 3, 2011

And We're Back

the POV is over, and Adam won.  It was OTEV.  And Porsche came in second.

Rachel just got out of the shower and tells Jordan they have to win the POV next week.

Rachel:  I'm scared Adam and Porsche will make a Final Three deal.

Jordan:  Men always win OTEV.  And I was the first one out--how sucky am I?

Jordan doesn't think Adam will betray them.  Rachel thinks he may feel more like a competitor now and will not be as scared of the two of them.

Jordan:  I just felt bad when they were crying.

Rachel:  I don't!  They didn't feel bad when we were crying!  And they were dancing around the backyard wearing the HOH key!

Jordan: That was a cool set up.

Rachel:  Yeah.  I'll bet that looks great on TV.

I think they had to find pieces of pie?

Meanwhile, downstairs in the bathroom:

Kalia:  I'm mad.  And I knew all of the answers.

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