Friday, September 2, 2011

Allison Grodner Was a Tweeting Machine Last Night

during the live show.  I think this indicates one of two things:

1.  She is taking notes from Jeff Probst's success with tweeting live during Survivor episodes last season.  Jeff proved to CBS last year that fans show up for a live tweeting event.

2.  She is trying to keep the Super Fans interested through the end of the season.  She certainly is trying to get more mileage out of Jeff, Jeff, and more Jeff.

Some of these tweets are very interesting.  For example:

*  There will be another Pandora's Box, and Alison says "one House Guest in particular will be very happy".  When I saw this tweet last night, I thought that meant that Jeff or Brendon would be coming back in the house to visit and I was rolling my eyes.  But then at the end of the live show, Julie Chen said there would be a "celebrity" Pandora's Box.  I immediately guessed that Ashton Kutcher would be visiting the BB house to promote Two and a Half Men, since Big Brother's ratings have been so high.  Why not optimize promotional opportunities while you can?  Porsche talked about Ashton earlier this summer, saying that he was her celebrity crush and it would be "easy for CBS to have him visit".  Remember in BB6 when Janelle won a trip outside of the house and she visited a live taping of Two and a Half Men?  I don't think this is a crazy idea, since the new season with the arrival of Ashton on the show is coming up on September 19th.  For my entertainment dollar, I would prefer to see Charlie Sheen visit the BB13 house, but I don't think CBS is friends with him anymore.

*  Rachel said last night that there was "no way she would open Pandora's Box", after learning a lesson from what happened to Porsche.  If my guess above is correct, then something bad would happen to Rachel, while the rest of the house receives a visit from a celebrity.  I think Big Brother is going to have to give Rachel some assurance that the Pandora prize or penalty has nothing to do with game play in order to get her to take the bait.  After all, Rachel is thisclose to walking away with half a million dollars.  There is no way Big Brother would let the "celebrity" not visit the house.  Although, maybe the celebrity could visit the Jury House instead, since that is where the real action is happening now.

*  Can you tell from Alison's tweets that she is pimping the Jury House footage hardcore?  She knows Jeff is good for ratings.  (Jeff is good for blog visits, too....)  Trust that Alison is going to try and find a way to feature Jeff Schroeder footage in every episode, because that is what America wants.  I had to watch the live show on some sketchy live stream website last night due to the NFL preseason games and there was a chat room open on the screen.  After the segments at the Jury House ended, one chatter said "I can't get enough of Jeff".  I suspect that is the case for the vast majority of the fans.  Whatever "it" is, Jeff has "it".  I love to stare at him, too.  (His speech patterns drive me crazy, though, and not in a good way.)

*  Jeff, Jeff, Jeff and More Jeff.

*  I guess the "Fortune Teller" will be clocking in on the action soon, if watching last night's show didn't already make that point crystal clear.  I'm guessing Jordan or Rachel will be in the Tarot Room when that happens.  I think they should try rubbing the crystal ball.....hint hint......

*  Rachel and Jordan had some words during the commercial break about what she said about Rachel being "a handful".  Right after she said that, Rachel said "I saved us this week!" and you could tell she was pissed off at what Jordan said.  That explains why Jordan was so down and worried after the competition.  She was worried that Rachel would turn on her and she would be at risk this week.  After watching them together on the live feeds, I didn't get the sense that would happen.  But as you know, anything can and does happen in the Big Brother game.

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