Friday, September 2, 2011

Adam: Here's the Deal

Adam: If I win the POV, I'm not using it.

Rachel:  OK, so you won't take them off?

Adam:  No.

Rachel:  But if you win HOH, then obviously you have to nominate one of us.

Adam goes through the scenarios.  If that happens and Porsche wins the POV, there isn't much he can do.  (Because she would be the only one to vote either Rachel or Jordan out.)

It sounds like they are all planning to boot Kalia on Thursday.

Jordan:  Kalia thinks she has this wrapped up.  She thinks this week it will be questions and then she's Final Three for sure.  For sure.

Adam: I think she's going to be the harder one to get out.  And I'm not saying that because I'm close to Porsche.

Rachel:  I don't understand why Porsche is so up Kalia's butt!

Adam:  Because of Dani.  They want your HOH to be ruined like their's were---to have you evict someone that you don't want to.

Adam told them that Kalia said she didn't vote to keep Adam because Rachel and Jordan told her that they were voting him out, too.

Adam:  I said, maybe Shelly's speech made them decide to vote her out, I don't know...

Rachel:  The speech?  We were voting her out, anyway!

Adam:  I know, but I just said that to Kalia.

(By the way, how great was it to see the other house guest's reactions to Shelly's speech?  Kalia's face was priceless, and Rachel sat and rolled her eyes.)

Jordan thinks Porsche got 10 G's from Pandora, rather than 5 G.

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