Friday, August 26, 2011

You Know There is a New HOH, Right?

They did end up using the Big Plywood Snake, or some derivation of it, in last night's second HOH competition.

Porsche won.


So far, it appears her target is going to be Rachel.  Jordan thinks Adam threw both HOH competitions last night.  I think he definitely threw the one we saw on TV.  Adam has been an authority all season in the house regarding what happened on which day, and he went out on a really easy question.

He didn't need to win, and he knows that.

Porsche and Kalia are talking about being Final Two, but both of them should think about taking Shelly to the Final Two, in my opinion.  If Jordan gets evicted, you can be sure that both Jeff and Jordan would never vote for Shelly, and it is probably that Brenchal would vote the same way.  Assuming Rachel is evicted..

The live feeds will not be very fun to watch after this whole Jordan- Shelly situation dies down, but I will keep watching and reporting for you.  CBS can salvage their network programming by focusing on airing footage of the Jury House, which is sure to be an electrically-charged atmosphere.

I think CBS will even pull some twists like bringing the Veterans back in the house with the Final Two for a slumber party or something.  Last year they brought Rachel back for the Pandora's Box and they got a lot of mileage out of her ensuing argument with Ragan.  Remember his "Raitress" comment?

Blast From the Past:  Remember when a group of Survivor contestants came into the BB2 house and spent the night?  I think they camped by the pool, if I remember correctly.

Does Shelly have fans?  I'm not sure she does.  I hope she is okay with being the most hated player of the season.  I'm not sure, because she hasn't shared much with us in the Diary Room.  If she had been honest about being a diabolical liar all season, she may have had a shot at getting some Dr. Will-type love from the fans.

If Dr. Will was a shriveled up, Monster-guzzling, cancer stick-sucking hag, that is.

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