Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's on Tap for Today?

Well, there are sure to be a lot of twists and turns before Allison Grodner clocks out tonight.  Everyone is still sleeping right now, but this is going to be an action-packed day.

Dani made a last-ditch effort to stay in the house yesterday, by approaching Rachel and trying to cut a deal.  She told Rachel that she had Shelly and Porsche's vote, and only needed her's to stay.  She also made a run at Adam, but he ended up telling her his gut instinct was to vote Dani out.

This is the little meeting that is going to do Shelly in....Rachel went to Jeff and told him about it.  I don't think Dani knows she did this, but she had to know there was a strong possibility that Rachel wouldn't want to work with her.  She also knew it was her last chance---her last shot so she took it.  She had to.

So now Jeff and Jordan know that Shelly has been lying.   I think Shelly is at risk to go home tonight in the second eviction, if Jeff, Jordan, Rachel or Adam win the first HOH competition.   As of last night Jeff and Jordan said that they are cutting Shelly out of their alliance, and that Adam would be in their Final Four in her place.

I think Adam took the deal, but who knows, really.  It looks like he did.

Jeff said he wanted to wait until Dani was out of the house to confront Shelly and put it all out on the table.  They think Shelly is going to freak out since "she is a mother" and won't want that kind of image out there.

(Shelly hasn't even admitted to us in the DR what her strategy is all about---she seems to think the viewers don't see what she has been doing all season.)

I think there is a possibility that Dani might stay, but it is very, very slight.  I think Dani thinks she might stay, and told Porsche that she is going to try and look shocked if she gets the votes to stay.  She also said that "Kalia is going to die" if it happens.

(She needs to look shocked so that she can assure herself of  Kalia's vote at the end.)

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