Thursday, August 25, 2011

What Will Rachel Do?

Is she going to vote for Dani or for Kalia?

I just watched a live conversation between Rachel and Shelly, and then Dani joined in.  Dani seems pretty sure that she is staying, since she thinks that Porsche, Shelly, and Rachel will vote to keep her.

But Rachel told Jeff and Jordan about this plan, and assured them she would vote out Dani (along with Adam and Jordan).

They only need three votes to evict, so it is all going to come down to Rachel's vote.

Rachel is pretty convincing with either side.  Dani evicted her fiance twice---will that influence her vote?

Shelly knows that America is going to hate her for turning on Jeff and Jordan.  (America doesn't exactly love you now, Shelly...)

Shelly:  I just don't want the two of them to have all of the money!  It isn't fair!

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