Friday, August 19, 2011

What are People Searching for Right Now?

To summarize, people are interested in the Humilitard, seeing various body parts of Brendon and Porsche, as well as all the nudity that they can find.

You'd be surprised how many searches are done for any information about Porsche.  Most of the Big Brother fans all hate her, but I guess the general public wants to look at pictures of her.

Last week there were a lot of searches for "Porsche Briggs flabby ass", so I don't think she needs to get too full of herself just yet.

Incidently Porsche did some "acting" this week on Big Brother After Dark, pretending that her name was Elizabeth and she was on a blind date with "Phil", who is Adam's alter ego.  I don't have words to describe the intensity of the douchechills I got watching her talk in a baby-ish voice on her "date" in the backyard.  The only enjoyable part was knowing that she was certain that she was getting great TV time---she probably looked at it like an acting audition.  She has said several times that she thinks casting directors, as well as directors, are watching her on the live feeds.

****OK****  Ha ha ha ha ha.

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