Saturday, August 6, 2011

What About the Missing Chess Pieces?

Porsche was sitting at the kitchen counter and said something about them.  She got called in the DR and commented while she was walking over there how cool it was that they heard her.

In what seems like a minute later, we see Porsche in Candy Land talking to Danielle, telling her that the DR told her that "Production is not responsible for any of the missing pieces".

Dani acts confused.

Porsche:  Do you think it was Brendon?  His friend Andrew took a chess piece last you think he did it?

They go over the things that are missing--Dani thinks the shelf is the strangest thing.

NOTE:  I think Dani is the one who took some or all of the items.  I think they are hidden in the ivy in the "park" by the chessboard.

Porsche wants to vote out Jordan, since she already won two years ago.

Dani:  She won't win again..not the way things are now!  Did you see her in that competition?  She's playing for second place, you know that right?

Dani doesn't think someone is definitely coming back....

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