Friday, August 5, 2011

Well, That Went Well. Not.

Jeff and Jordan went up to the HOH and Kalia started the meeting saying that once again they are not the main target this week, but that she "needed someone who could win the POV and leave the nominations the same so she would go home".

They sat quietly for a minute and Jeff asked what Kalia's goal was this week.  Kalia said she wanted Rachel to leave, and then said that Jeff would be put up as a pawn.

This seemed to stun Jeff, but not Jordan.

Jordan jumped up and said she knew that Kalia would do this, and reminded Kalia a number of times that someone was coming back in the house.

Jordan:  You put up two strong players, and you send one home and they come you've got two strong players going after you! You know that's going to happen, don't you?  I've had a bad day and I don't need this.  You've got a lot of dead weight in this house!  People that aren't doing anything and you could put them up as the pawn!

She started repeating herself with a shaky voice and then left.

After she left Jeff said she's having a hard day, but then he started launching on Kalia.

Jeff:  You need to know that if I leave, I'm coming back in here for you!  I'm coming back in here to knock you out!  If Rachel wins the POV then I know you'll put Jordan up and one of us will leave!  Well we're coming back in here and taking you out!  I'll say it right now I'm going to win the POV and then I'm coming after you!

Kalia asked him to please sit down--she's wanted to talk to him alone since last night.

Jeff is agitated, but he sits down.

Kalia:  You've been saying forever that all you wanted to do is spend the summer with your girlfriend, but really you want to win!

(Duh Kalia, you do too.)

Jeff:  I want to make sure that people who shouldn't win don't win.  I want to take out as many people as I can before I go.

Things get a little more heated and Jeff leaves, saying "See you at the POV!".

After he leaves Kalia just sits with her head down, thinking.  (Is she thinking about the Coup d'Etat?  Or The Amazing Race?  Or Around the World for Free?)

I think she's really thinking Jeff needs to go now, not Rachel, but I'm just guessing.

Meanwhile Jordan is emoting in the Padded Cell with Shelly, not knowing that Shelly is her enemy now.

****Alison Grodner is frantically scrambling to redefine the twist to save the show, even though they haven't really defined it yet.***

PS  I made that last part up, Big Brother Super Fans.

TRIVIA now after Kalia gets called to the DR.  It's Nomination Time.

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