Friday, August 12, 2011

We Have a New HOH.

And guess who:  Daniele Donato.

Dani, Kalia and Porsche are up in the HOH Room, plotting how to throw the food competition to ensure that the Veterans are on slop again.

Porsche:  Can you imagine Jordan being on slop a third week?  Ha ha she'll be useless!

Kalia:  No....

Porsche:  Why do you like her?

Dani:  Really, who cares about her anyway?  She's not going to win anything.

The competition had something to do with counting things---looking at something and counting how many.  We've seen that before on the show.  They may have shown it live on Showtime, but maybe not.  These girls hate Shelly now---Dani isn't going to talk to one person about the nominations.  She wants everyone to sweat.

Jeff,  Brendon and Adam are on the patio and don't seem too troubled by it. Jeff is smoking the hell out of that cigarette.  Did he bring his own in?  Or is he just bumming smokes?

They go to the Padded Cell to sleep.  I know the HOH Crew wants all of them to be on slop, but I don't think there is a traditional Have Not competition this week, because America didn't vote for new foods for them.  I think they will win food for the house, for the first time this year.

I wanted to see Porsche on slop.  It might be really good for her and that huge caboose.  If she's not tarted up for the live show or lying half-naked in the sun, she is schlepping around in tacky velour sweats, with a muffin top hanging out.

Just sayin'.

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