Wednesday, August 3, 2011

View by the Pool

No matter what happens on Thursday, we'll still have a nice view of Jeff.

And Porsche, too, if you like that sort of thing.

Jeff discusses seeing Wyclef Jean at an outdoor arena where he and his friends brought their own sangria.  Wyclef was rapping in French and Jeff said it was awesome--he was so talented.

Porsche used to work at a venue and saw some of the Marley family.  Or something like that.

The Have Nots get to eat later tonight.  Jordan wants to wait to eat until then, and have a feast.

Jeff:  What do you want?  Maybe that chicken pasta?

Jordan:  Yeah.  But I kinda want some like, barbequed chicken with a loaded baked potato, with a salad...

Jeff:  Well just let me know...

Jordan:  I'll think about it.

Porsche:  Well, even if we make all of that stuff, I'm sure Brendon will eat it.

Jeff:  Plus he'll have a pizza!

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