Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things Seem Strangely Calm

Jeff came into the Padded Cell and talked to Jordan and Rachel. They think that Jeff and Rachel are safe this week since Julie Chen said that the evicted house guest could come back in the house.

Jeff:  They don't wanna piss us off.

They know not to tell Porsche anything anymore, and Jeff also suspects Shelly.  They vow to keep everything within the three of them.

Jeff headed to the kitchen to start marinating chicken for the grill for Jordan's dinner.  She is allowed to eat soon and is starving from the Have Not week.

Jordan is doing a great job of soothing Rachel and giving her hope.  She mentions how sweet Brendon's speech was, and how America must love that and will be cheering from them.

Jordan:  Did you hear that crowd cheering out there for him?

Rachel is eating this up.  They talk about how the whole season has worked to Daniele's advantage.

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