Thursday, August 4, 2011

Something is Up

There are things missing from each room in the house.  From what I can tell from all the whispering, Shelly didn't think everybody noticed, but now they know that Adam and Porsche are walking around making a list of what is missing.

Shelly, to Jordan:  There's no advantage now!  None!

Rachel just took a bowl from the dining room and hid it behind some bushes near the chess board.  So I'm not sure if the missing items are a genuine game issue, or a ploy.

One thing I do know, Rachel is here to play.  She just told Jeff and Jordan that one of them needs to win or it's over.  She doesn't trust Shelly and tells Jordan she'll tell her about it later.  Rachel is going to be hardcore without Brendon, I predict.

Jordan looks fantastic tonight.  She lost 5 pounds this week on slop and is looking sleek in her see-thru crochet top.

Jeff is still ironing.

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