Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So....Has Dani Been Cheating?

There has been a lot of buzz about Dani knowing people in production.  I have seen her whisper to Shelly about her friends in the DR, and now the super fans are putting two and two together and something seems a little off about this whole thing.

Basically among other comments Dani has made, she said "Jeff and Nat" from production will probably quit if she is evicted this week.  I think she was kidding, but it does make the point that she has personal relationships outside the house with the the Production Staff.

For example, I watched an episode of Rumor Control before the season started and she seemed to know that Rachel would be on the cast.  You can read that recap here.

Here is a post I found on Jokers that helps summarize the current state of affairs with this scandal.

Daniele and Production?
08/23/11 01:27 PM 

Written by scpsc
Tuesday, 23 August 2011 10:34

Big Brother 13 Udates: Daniele’s Friends – 8:00 am BBT Tuesday August 23, 2011

Lately Shelly is primarily fueled by two things – insecurity over her sheer incompetence at competitions and her obsessive hatred for Rachel. As a result, she is playing a loose, unbalanced and very dangerous game. She needs another big move like the Lawon nomination that kept Rachel in the house. She needs it like a fix. She thinks she has found it in trying to save Daniele. She is going way out on a limb to try to keep her in the house, trying ineffectively to sway Adam to vote to keep her.

Through out the season Daniele and Shelly have been playing a secret game like two middle school girls. Shelly has been playing along to try and get in good with Daniele. The game is a series of Q and A’s about someone in Production Daniele knows and has a juvenile crush on. Kinda like the one with Dominic. Kinda like the one with Nick. There have been several strings of questions ( Briefs or Boxers?. Shoes or Flip Flips? Scuffy or Clean Shaven? Etc.) the two would continue about the mystery person.

Yesterday in a conversation outside between Daniele, Shelly and Adam. Shelly asks is your buddy here today? Daniele says I don’t know. Probably not. Probably not until later. Daniele says I went in that room and told Kalia. Well if I go home, Jeff and Natalie are both going to quit, and production don’t want that, so, Jeff and Natalie are Daniele’s friends in production who will supposedly quit their jobs in outrage if Daniele gets evicted. Flashback is at 11:45 am BBT Feed 3 In another previous conversation she mentions them at 11:32am BBT.

On IMDB, Jeff Snell and Jeff Koegler are both listed as camera operators. Natalya Shneyder is also listed as a segment producer. Awhile back, Rachel made the comment about “Jeff and Daniele talking before she gets into the house, making plans to help her so she will win.” At the time, everyone assumed she meant Jeff Schroeder, but now maybe not. Could these be the late night bumps and knocks she and Kalia and Porsche always hear behind the walls? There seems to be a sort of non-verbal communication that happens between the walls.

Later, in a heart to heart with Jordan, Shelly revealed not only is she concerned about her place in their F3 alliance, but also that she went to the DR with questions about Daniele and her “friends” who see every diary room session and hear every convo and see every action in the house. Shelly was reassured it would be taken care of. After Daniele was called to the DR, she went directly to bed and covered her head for hours.

Regardless of the nature of any relationship, this smacks of impropriety. Not only does it call into question a Production Staff which should be objective and impartial, whether it is real or imaginary and one-sided it could cost someone their job. This is typical Daniele – taking any advantage, trying to get an unfair edge, entitled to more than anyone else, pushing any boundary to work things in her favor and expecting far more than what is normal.

What’s up Allison?

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  1. This sucks. I wish I could trust the game, I really love it. Danielle is such a hypocrite for saying she's the only one that's "playing the game" when all she's doing is cheating at the game.


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